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GH431 Adjustable Latch

  • Item Type: GH431
  • Material: Mild Steel/Stainless steel
  • Finish: Chrome plated/Polish
  • Bearing Capacity: 150Kg
  • Inspection: IQC, IPQC,FQC,QA
  • Package:PP bag+Carton
  • Process: Stamping, deep drawing,bending, punching, laster cutting,threading, welding, tapping, riveting, grinding
  • Application:Machine tools, containers and vibration equipment, farm equipment.

Your Premier Adjustable Latches Manufacturer

One of the interesting things about Adjustable Latches is that it comes with numerous uses. Apart from it offers a safer sealing mechanism form different residential, commercial and industrial applications, it also provides flawless look.

Avoid pulling the Adjustable Latch after hooking the latch into the fastener clamp. By doing so, it can avoid any stain in the sections which are used to clam jointly for about five millimeters. To balance the lamp’s tolerance or even create enough pressure, adjusting the clamp using a spindle. If the user wanted to protect the Adjustable Latch from corrosion, it is preferable to buy latches that are made of stainless steel. For a tougher job, it is advisable to use heavy duty latches.

Essential Features of an Adjustable Latch

Adjustable Latch comes with various models and styles. All of them are expected to offer reliable features that guarantee quality and safety.
High-working Loads. Although Adjustable Latches can completely accommodate many high-working loads, they are dependable in terms of long service life. They come with a wide array of styles and sizes as well as materials used. Some are manufactured with die-cast materials while others are made of rubbers which can survive regular use.

Flexibility. Adjustable Latches can cover plenty of business applications namely construction and farm equipment, HVAC, car, trucks, lawn garden tools, machine tools, off-highway cars, industrial enclosure, metal cutting and many more.

Remarkable Safety. Many users of Adjustable Latches are satisfied with the safety it offers where all things within the enclosure are completely safe.

Safe Ventilation. Apart from Adjustable Latch can improve safety, it also comes with fresh air ventilation. Whether they are for vehicles, households or huge establishments, people can expect for secure and safe ventilation.

No Wind Damage. With the use of Adjustable Latch, many households or industries cam prevent doors and windows from slamming. Another, any damages can be prevented where no further expenses are expected.

Availability of Models and Styles. Regardless of the model or style that buyers are looking for, there is a perfect one that will suit their requirements. Each style and model has its specific task that can accommodate the needs of the users.

Easy to Use. Adjustable Latches can be easily operated with the use of the hand. They are actually manufactured with easy to manage features.
Other Notable Features of Adjustable Latch

Aside from the incomparable benefits that an Adjustable Latch can offer, there are more great advantages that a user can have.

Lifetime Guarantee
Fits Any Window or Door
Easy and Quick Installation
Color Match
Saves Money
Reliable Convenience
Best Quality

Where to Use Adjustable Latch?


With just one single lock, you can expect for many uses. From household safety up to industrial security, many can be highly benefited. As Adjustable Latches made from premium stainless steel with the elegant satin finish, they can securely fit window, hatch, and door regardless of what they are made from or whichever they open.

Adjustable Latches are perfected to provide safe ventilation, window restrictor, caravan, and balcony security, pet access and boat security. Different industries are also benefited where the owners can feel the peace of mind that their business are free from any unwanted circumstances.

Most of the Adjustable Latches are considered as perfect door latch which can allow you to leave the doors partially open, but they are actually locked. They are cost effective from which they are also ideal for securing any type of door including sliding door or patio door without compromising fresh air.

Another, if your concern is the safety of your children, Adjustable Latches can act as a window restrictor. This makes them an ideal childproof window latch lock preventing your children falling through the windows. Meaning, they can maximize the safety of your children. Even you are in another room, you are at peace that your children are free from any danger.

What is the Best Adjustable Latch?


When best quality and safety combined, expect that Roche Adjustable Latches are behind them. For great convenience, choose only these Adjustable Latches so that you are making the right choice. Roche Adjustable Latches are of best quality where you can be sure of the safety and use them for a long term.

Roche Adjustable Latches comes with easy to install bolts where you can easily position the device on the doorframe. Their locking pin drops make it easier to set up and are with adjustable width. So, never compromise your safety as well as your belongings, choose Roche Adjustable Latches and experience complete satisfaction.

If you are quite interested in this great product, please contact roche now.

Product ModelGH431 Adjustable Latch
MaterialSteel/Stainless steel
FinishChrome plated/Polish
Bearing Capacity150Kg
Standard or NonstandardStandard
ApplicationMachine operation, welding, jigging, repairing, electronic equipment assembly
Delivery TimeLess 3000 pcs in stock,15-30 working days after received the deposit
Sample ChargeIn stock sample is free(But the freight will be covered by your side)
PaymentT/T, L/C,Paypal, Alipay are avaliable
PackagePE bag+ blank carton (Export standard )

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