horizontal toggle clamps

Horizontal Toggle Clamps

  • Item Type: Horizontal Toggle Clamps
  • Material: Steel/Stainless steel
  • Holding Capacity: 210-3500Kg
  • Oil and Stain resistant red vinyl hand grips
  • Adjustable clamping force
  • Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation
  • Ergonomic paddle for smooth operation
  • Variety of design and holding capacity
  • Widely used on sealing chambers, lids, machine operation, welding, jigging, repairing, electronic equipment assembly, etc field.

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horizontal toggle clamps

A toggle clamp is a popularly used woodworking and carpentry device, and there are arrays of diverse kinds made to fasten as well as secure objects in place. In general, toggle clamps are made of a handle, securing bar, as well as a lever system which applies force to hold an object in place. When the handle is set, a securing arm will lock in place so the object will not separate or move.

Picking the best and appropriate toggle clamp to use depends on kind of job you’ll be doing. Like for instance, there toggle clamps to help in metalworking and welding that are heavy duty and also diverse types depending on height requirements. Like for example horizontal toggle clamps that can be used on low height locations, which is better compared to vertical toggle clamps. So what’s exactly a horizontal toggle clamp is and what are uses?

A horizontal toggle clamp is similar to a vertical clamp. However, the only difference is that they are differently aligned. With horizontal toggle clamp, the handle as well as securing arm begin semi-vertical. Once the handle moves toward the working space, the arm locks into place. This is popularly utilized if there is a height limitation because of the machinery. What is more, they should be mounted on a table.
How it Works

A toggle clamp works through a connection system of pivots and levers. The fixed length levers, linked using pivot pins, supply the stroke and clamping pressure. This action as lock point that is a linkage and fixed stop, when in the lock position, a clamp doesn’t unlock except the linkage is released or moved.

Essential Features of a Horizontal Toggle Clamp

A horizontal toggle clamp is one of the many types of toggle clamp. It is beneficial due to many benefits such as:

Save Time: The clamping, as well as the release, is obtained in just a matter of seconds. This provides a remarkable time saving for each cycle.
Easy to Integrate: With this tool, no extra accurate machining, and slotting required while utilizing this type of clamp in any tooling.
Durability: All essential components are made of durable materials as well as zinc plated providing adequate wear and corrosion resistance making sure longer working life.
Low Maintenance: A horizontal clamp is almost maintenance free. Occasionally a couple of drops of lubricant is what you need to keep in an excellent working condition.
Cost Saving: A tooling cost is lessened as tool style, and tool making becomes simple. Minimized cycle time decreased with low maintenance. Reduced production expense by boosting productivity, a horizontal toggle action clamp opposed to other clamp utilizes friction pressure to effect locking conditions between the surfaces on the bar as well as the handle. A horizontal toggle action clamp offers a more consistent clamping point and is available in stainless steel material for corrosive and outdoor applications.


Other Notable Features of Horizontal Toggle Clamp
Here are some of the notable features of Horizontal Toggle Clamp:
Adjustable clamping force
High quality
Automatic adjustment of clamping height
Oil resistant

Where to Use Horizontal Toggle Clamp

A horizontal toggle clamp excels where other types of clamps fall short. Read on to know some of the applications of a horizontal toggle clamp. It is not safe to feed the thin end grain of a cabinet door rail past a coping bit with no support n the workpiece. Without backing, rails can spin or turn around into the bit, which ruins or affect the cut and making the risk for fingers. Workers can put a support board behind the rails and clutch the parts jointly without clamps; however, you will depend on your hand accuracy and strength. To make things easier, use a horizontal toggle clamp. You can do this without risking your fingers.


It is easy and quick to cut tenons on the table saw using a standard razor blade. Standing the workpiece on end as well as feeding it in the razor blade speeds the entire process and makes tenons with perfect surface or cheeks. However, you cannot do it securely freehand. The workpiece can tip backward or forward and away from the fence, binding the razor blade as well as leading to kickback. To avoid this, set up a horizontal toggle clamp to a tenoning jig that can build from scrap.


The usual 2-tenoning jig available on the market has one major disadvantage. There is no easy way to clutch a workpiece against the jig leg handle. Utilizing a push stick is uncomfortable, and grasping it using your fingers is a disaster waiting to take place. Again, a horizontal toggle clamp can add expediency as well as keep the fingers safe and out of harm’s way.

There is no simple way to close mitre joint with a bar style clamp. Even force requires to be used on equal sides of the point, or parts will duck out of position, most essentially when using glue. How can a horizontal toggle clamp help? By using lateral pressure against a squared supporting block, two pairs of a horizontal toggle clamp mounted to a foundation for an easy and fast metering post.


What is the Best Horizontal Toggle Clamp?

There are many types of horizontal toggle clamps available out there, but Roche stands out from the rest. The remarkable characteristic of Roche horizontal toggle clamp is its low height style. Not like the handle and typical vertical clamps, this moves in opposite direction. A horizontal toggle clamp is made with rock-hard or U formed hold down bars as well as with diverse mounting options.


A lot of roche horizontal toggle clamps comes with an innovative safety feature which adds a lock to the toggle clamp to help make sure that the over-center locking system is sustained and secured against the accidental opening. Roche Horizontal Toggle Clamps are on hand in heavy duty, standard, as well as stainless style designs.

Roche is professional horizontal toggle clamps manufacturers in China. We keep strict control whole horizontal toggle clamps. Roche engineer team will be here to help you for any horizontal toggle clamps questions. Through our 12 hours rapid response services from our 24/7 sales and tech support team, and excellent after-sales service, we will be your expert horizontal toggle clamps design partner in China. Welcome to send us your inquiry now !

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