Latch type toggle clamps

Latch Type Toggle Clamps

  • Item Type: Latch Type Toggle Clamps/Pull Action Clamps
  • Material: Steel/Stainless steel
  • Holding Capacity: 167-3400Kg
  • Oil and Stain resistant red vinyl hand grips
  • Side Mount hold-down toggle clamp, U-shaped clamping bar
  • Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation
  • Ergonomic paddle for smooth operation
  • Variety of design and holding capacity
  • Widely used on sealing chambers, lids, machine operation, welding, jigging, repairing, electronic equipment assembly, etc field.
    Plastic cover handle for easy, safe and comfortable operation.

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Latch Type Toggle Clamps

One of the devices that a homeowner must possess is toggle clamps. Apart from that, many manufacturers are now taking advantage of this type of devices. This is simply because the toggle clamps can firmly and easily hold down a particular piece of work while keeping it stationary.

By simply investing to toggle clamps, any woodwork is made easier and refined. Toggle clamps allow the users to undertake woodwork activities without any worry about workpiece further movement. They are specially made to use a unique and dependable lever and pivot system for smooth function. Also, they enable the worker to push, pull, squeeze as well as hold down the workpiece.

High demands of toggle clamps paved the way in developing various types of toggle clamps in the market. Each of type has its unique characteristics, features, and designs that all satisfy the requirements of the users. One of the well-known variety of toggle clamps is the latch type toggle clamp. So, what does latch type toggle clamps offer to users?

If manufacturers and other woodwork workers are quite particular in operating on a horizontal place of work, latch type toggle clamps are a perfect choice. This is because these toggle clamps can be pulled at 90 degrees or even pull both sides together.

Latch type toggle clamps are also popularly known as pull-action latch clamps or latch hook toggle clamps. Users have nothing to bother about working with different height of workpiece since these toggle clamps offer low profile. As a result, it became flexible to any workpiece height applications.

The good thing about latch type toggle clamp is that they are available in different metric sizes. Also, it features a locking mechanism which enables the users in preventing vibration-induced opening or inadvertent of the clamp while allowing them to operate with a single hand. These toggle clamps are characterized by hook action making it possible for an easy and fast application to various woodwork such as the quick release of covers, doors, and hatches as well as mold cabinet lids.

Each woodwork has its unique requirements, but with the help of latch type toggle clamp, the task is made easier and faster. Below is the list of a reliable feature of latch type toggle clamps.

Most of the woodwork workers or manufacturers prefer devices that could help them make the job easier, so the efficiency of the device is essential. Latch type toggle clamps offer effortless installation process. This way, the users enables them to work accurate and quick resulting in the efficient result. Another, because of their high clamping capacity, they can reduce the work time.

As the demands for devices like latch type toggle clamps became popular, there is plenty of selection available in the market. People can now choose from different features, use, brands, sizes and more.

Ease of Use. Time and manner of use are a very important factor for many manufacturers that is why latch type toggle clamps are perfectly designed to solve many production issues. They can be adjusted and then, later on, use to any type of woodwork pieces. They apply to various working areas where the users can fix them according to the height they desire. One more thing, they are even reliable for heavy duty applications.

Improved Safety. The specialized design of many of the latch type toggle clamps ensures a high level of safety. They have a locking action that can keep the workpiece and the device itself in place in a more secure manner.

Minimized Strain. Latch type toggle clamp handles are effectively designed in minimizing strain while at work. Most of the models are with contoured handle grip.

Strong Flexibility. Regardless of the type of woodwork projects, latch type toggle clamps are very flexible in providing a better fit. As a result, the user can easily manipulate the clamp handle based on the level of comfort that the user desire.

Best Quality Materials.To achieve outstanding results, the material used is important. Most of the latch type toggle clamps found in the market are produced through high-quality materials to ensure quality result and safety.

Other Notable Features of Latch Type Toggle Clamp

Interesting features of latch type toggle clamps are not limited. There are more features for better use.

Ergonomic paddle for smooth operation

Over-center lock

Oil resistant

Adjustable threaded bolt

Lubricated with special grease

Variety of size and material used

One hand operation


Where to Use Latch Type Toggle Clamp


Latch type toggle clamps are known for their efficient application like locking down the miter joints. It’s hard to close the miter joints with the use of bar-style clamps, so latch type toggle clamps is a great help.

When cutting tenons with the use of a table saw, it can put you to an unsafe situation. With the use of latch type toggle clamp, you can easily create a tenoning jig making it safer to cut down tenons. Another, if you are working with narrow rails, it can put you in danger. So, it is better for you to use latch type toggle clamp and build an easy-to-operate jig.


What is the Best Latch Type Toggle Clamp?


With so many latch type toggle clamp, how sure are you that you are with the right one?

Roche Latch Type Toggle Clamps are considered to be the most trusted device regarding the quality result, safety, and dependability. Their designs are intended for those who are a concern with complete safety, flexible use as well as long service life. Thus, they offer the best value for money while helping you save time and energy.

Roche Latch Toggle Clamps are dedicated to offering the best devices for homes, business establishments, and woodwork manufacturers. From the very first use, you can experience a satisfying use due to its flexible handle and useful accessories. Also, the designs do not just give aesthetics, but it offers useful features.


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